Central And South Nicaragua Surf Tour

Leon, Nicaragua

7 Days

Prices from $1300

Optional Add-ons:
Extra night: $130.00

Every Day at 9:00 am

Horseback Riding
Eco Tour

- Surf Puerto Sandino and Punta San Diego
- Surf the best all round beach break at Asuchillo

This is the package you want if you would like to experience more surf spots and more of Nicaragua.

The Central and South tour takes you to our 2 separate locations to surf the best zones of Puerto Sandino and Punta San Diego areas to experience a wider variety of waves, scenery and food. We let the tides decide whether you start at the lodge or luxury villa to get the best surf at each zone, but the boat is kept and used at the Puerto Sandino location.

Nicaragua is very well known for its good waves, with this tour you will get to surf up to 4 spots in the Punta San Diego area including the best all round beach break at Asuchillo, plus the experts only left reef Hemmies, then when you move to our Miramar lodge you will have a left point on the doorstep, plus an A-frame reef, a left reef and a beach break in 5 mins walk, or you can take our free boat to the long lefts at Puerto Sandino the 11 miles of beach break peaks and river mouths of Salinas Grandes. Or you we can drive South to the fun beach breaks around El Transito and a few hidden gems in between!

Unlimited guided surf trips by boat or 4x4

Standard Tour:
No minimum group size.

No age requirements.

Accommodation provided

All meals and snacks are included so be prepared to try the typical Nacatamales and Gallo Pinto made with the freshest and finest ingredients by our local chefs.

Tropical foods are also part of the snacks you'll enjoy during your stay with us.

Meeting Location
Pick up at Managua Airport (1.5 hrs to surf camp).

Hotel pickup available!

Call (210) 593-5500 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13141656

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
7 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Moderate
Day 1LeonSurfing.
ContinuedLeon Accomodation provided.
Day 2LeonSurfing.
ContinuedLeon Accomodation provided.
Day 3LeonSurfing.
ContinuedLeon Accomodation provided.
Day 4LeonSurfing.
ContinuedLeon Accomodation provided.
Day 5LeonHorseback Riding.
ContinuedLeon Accomodation provided.
Day 6LeonMassage.
ContinuedLeon Accomodation provided.
Day 7LeonEco Tour.
ContinuedLeon .

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DatePrice / DescriptionQuote
10/24/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
10/25/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
10/26/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
10/27/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
10/28/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
10/29/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
10/30/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
10/31/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/01/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/02/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/03/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/04/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/05/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/06/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/07/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/08/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/09/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/10/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/11/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/12/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/13/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/14/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/15/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/16/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/17/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/18/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/19/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/20/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/21/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/22/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/23/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/24/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/25/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/26/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/27/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
11/28/2017$1,300.00* (USD) / Prices fromQuote
Horseback Riding
Kids under 12 are half price if in the same roomMinimum of 6 nights
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