Granada, Nicaragua

3 Hours

$20 Per Person

Every Day at 9:00 am
Every Day at 2:00 pm

Local Flavor at San Francisco Church and Xalteva Church

- Visit the San Francisco Convent and Church
- Transport by horse drawn carriages
- Tombs more than 400 years old with beautiful marble statues
- Visit its old towers, which give you an amazing view of the city

Sights to see: We visit the San Francisco Convent and Church founded in 1524, containing archeological treasures from Isla Zapatera, a primitive art exhibit, and indigenous museum. Transport by horse-drawn carriages.
The Cemetery: Tombs more than 400 years old with beautiful marble statues. La Polvora fort: A warehouse built in 1748 to store gunpowder. We will visit its old towers, which give you an amazing view of the city.
Xalteva Church and Walls: Here the Spanish met the Xalteva native population, from which the neighborhood gets its name. This is the oldest part of Granada. The church was built during colonial times and because of its location, was used as a military fort.

Entrance fees, Equipment, Bilingual Guide

Standard Tour:
Minimum 2 guests.

No age requirements.

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Tour Operator
Project Expedition
1 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Easy
Day 1GranadaLocal Flavor.
ContinuedGranadaLocal Flavor at San Francisco Church.
ContinuedGranadaLocal Flavor at Xalteva Church.

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