Volcan El Hoyo With Optional Volcano Boarding

Leon, Nicaragua

2 Days

$60 Per Person

Optional Add-ons:
Volcano Boarding: $9.00

Every Day at 7:00 am

Hiking at Cerro Negro Volcano
Sightseeing at El Hoyo Volcano

- 3 hour hike to the stunning campsite overlooking Momotombo, Asososca, and Lake Managua
- Check out the mysterious sinkhole El Hoyo
- 4 hour hike through fields and forest to reach Laguna Asososca
- Enjoy a refreshing swim, relax and eat lunch at Laguna Asososca
- Optional Volcano boarding

Three volcanoes and a crater lake, all in two days!

Standard Tour:
No minimum group size.

No age requirements.

Hiking boots or good walking shoes
Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses
Backpack of +/- 60 liters
Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
Rain Jacket
Bathing Suit and towel
Warm clothes for the night
Flashlight / Headlamp
(We can provide this equipment if needed)

Meeting Location
Meet at our office, 1/2 block west of the Mercantil (next to the restaurant La Mexicana) in Leon.

Call (210) 593-5500 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13461474

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
2 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Challenging
Day 1Leon We begin the trek at 7 am in the Quetzaltrekkers office where we assemble our bags and eat a filling breakfast prepared by the guides.
ContinuedLeon We then leave in our private truck for a one-hour bus ride to the starting point of the hike, the ranger station located between Cerro Negro and the Las Pilas-El Hoyo complex.
ContinuedLeonHiking at Cerro Negro Volcano. As we reach the foot of the Volcan Cerro Negro, we leave our overnight packs at the station and begin a moderate 30-minute climb to the first of two active craters. After the steaming sulfur vents at the first crater, we follow the craters edge for another 30 minutes to reach the second crater and highest point of the volcano. We spend some time on the summit enjoying the cool breeze and magnificent views over the Maribios volcano range, plains of northern Nicaragua, and the Pacific Ocean.
ContinuedLeon After refueling with a snack at the ranger station, we grab our big packs and begin a steep ascent of the Las Pilas El Hoyo volcanic complex. We eat lunch upon arriving at the base of Las Pilas, and then wind through forests and old craters to approach El Hoyo.
ContinuedLa Paz CentroSightseeing at El Hoyo Volcano. Out of nowhere comes the Hole, a mysterious giant sinkhole where we make camp. After erecting tents, we take a closer look at the Hole, summit the volcano, and explore an ominous, steaming sulfur vent.
ContinuedLeon We enjoy dinner from the campsite, practically a balcony seat for the view over Lake Managua, Momotombo, and lake Asososca.
ContinuedLeon Camp accommodation.
Day 2Leon The next day, we open our tents and discover a truly unforgettable sunrise view of the lakes and volcanoes. We then eat breakfast, pack up camp, and make our way downwards through jungle and farmland to reach the Volcan Asososca and neighboring crater lake.
ContinuedLeonHiking. After a long morning of hiking, we arrive at the crater lake where we eat lunch and reward ourselves with a refreshing swim.
ContinuedLeon An hour walk, one cold drink, and two bus rides we return to Leon around 4 pm.

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Please note that this is a very challenging hike demanding a good degree of fitness and some hiking experience! Consider this before signing up to ensure that we can all enjoy a great and pleasant hike!
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